The Foreign Service Journal, May 2015

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Contents 5
Cover Story 21
Building a Foreign Service for 2025 and Beyond 21
Focus on Managing Risk 25
Effective Diplomacy After Benghazi 25
Diplomatic Security Triage in a Dangerous World 29
Keeping Embassy Security in Perspective 33
Feature 39
Women Who Make a Difference: Reflections of a Foreign Service Wife in 1982 39
FS Know-How 45
Tips from the Belly of the Python 45
AFSA News 49
AFSA Co-Sponsors ‘Distinguished Diplomat’ Lecture 49
Scholarship Fund Receives Record-Breaking Gift 49
State VP Voice: Improving Quality of Work and Life 50
USAID VP Voice: Eligible Family Member Employment 51
Retiree VP Voice: Life After the Foreign Service—It’s All Write 52
New Online Memorial Tribute Page 52
AAD Report: ‘American Diplomacy at Risk’ 53
State Proposes Danger Pay Changes 53
AFSA and HECFAA Welcome the New DG 54
AFSA Governing Board Election 54
AFSA Adds Two Names to Memorial Plaques 55
Webinar with Post Reps 56
AFSA Hosts Chiefs of Mission 58
AFSA Community: A New Way to Engage 58
AFSA Staff Discuss FS Careers 59
It’s Flying Cats and Dogs 60
You and Your Packout 62
Columns 7
President’s Views: Two Steps in Support of Career Development 7
Letter from the Editor: Security and Engagement 8
Speaking Out: A Strategic Approach to Public Diplomacy 18
Reflections: Coming Out of the Cold 77
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Talking Points 12
In Memory 63
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