The Foreign Service Journal, May 2017

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Global Health Diplomacy 23
Leveraging Health Investments for U.S. Diplomacy 23
PEPFAR: Making the Impossible Possible 26
HHS and Health Diplomacy 29
USAID FSOs Reflect on Global Health Diplomacy 32
Fighting Pandemics: Lessons Learned 37
FS Know-How 41
My Legal Battle with the World’s Worst Property Manager 41
Feature 43
The Migrant Crisis in Europe and the U.S.-E.U. Relationship 43
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Seizing Transition Opportunities 7
Letter from the Editor—Health Diplomacy and the Strength of “Soft” Power 10
Speaking Out—Digital Diplomacy: Will State Ever Take the Plunge? 19
Local Lens—Stockholm, Sweden 74
Departments 12
Letters 12
Talking Points 14
In Memory 58
Books 67
Marketplace 69
Classifieds 69
Real Estate 71
Index to Advertisers 73
AFSA News 47
Continuing the Conversation: Securing Diplomacy for the Next Quarter-Century 47
State VP Voice—Make Your Voice Heard! Vote in the AFSA Election 48
USAID VP Voice—The Human Resources Transformation 49
FAS VP Voice—Washington Without FSOs 50
AFSA Welcomes New LM Staff Member 50
2016 Annual Report Published 50
Notes from Labor Management—Packing Out 51
AFSA Holds Election Town Hall 52
Your Vote Matters—Use It! 52
Retiree Corner—Getting the Most Out of Your Social Security 53
Retiree Outreach in Action 53
Outside the Beltway: AFSA Expands Outreach Efforts 54
2016 Sinclaire Language Award Winners Honored 55
Local Engagement in Global Affairs 56
ADST Launches FSI at 70 57