The Foreign Service Journal, May 2019

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Cover Story 18
The Diplomacy Imperative: A Q&A with William J. Burns 18
Focus on Professional Diplomats: Leadership & Lessons 24
Role Models: Lessons for Today from AFSA’s Past 24
Serving in Tandem for State 29
Treating PTSD: Learning Firsthand How to Manage 33
My Parkinson’s Story: Managing Medical Challenges in the FS 36
Dual Identity and Diplomacy 40
From Generation to Generation: Career Advice from David Fischer 42
If You Mess Up, Fess Up 46
Feature 48
Why Peacekeeping Fails 48
FS Know-How 52
Reclaim Your Unclaimed Property 52
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—The State of State: Putting the Back Channel Up Front 7
Letter from the Editor—The FS Career ... in the Balance 10
Family Member Matters—Objects in the Rearview Mirror 67
Reflections—Diplomacy Can Save the Day 80
Local Lens—Maramures, Romania 82
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Letters 12
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In Memory 69
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Index to Advertisers 79
AFSA News 54
The Foreign Service Journal Centennial Exhibit Opens 54
State VP Voice—A Job Worth Having 56
FCS VP Voice—Making the BUILD Act a Success 57
USAID VP Voice—The Future of USAID’s Foreign Service 58
Retiree VP Voice—Threats to Retirement Benefits 59
The View from Washington: A Webinar 59
Austin Panel: Why Leading Globally Matters Locally 60
Look for Your Ballot: Vote in the AFSA Governing Board Election 60
The Shutdown: Why Didn’t AFSA Sue the Federal Government? 61
Governing Board Meeting, March 2019 61
Resilience in the Foreign Service 62
Where We Stand—Career Diplomats Matter 63
Teaching International Affairs and Diplomacy 64
Visit Our Refreshed and Reset Retirement Services Webpage 65
Planning for Lifetime Financial Success 65