The Foreign Service Journal, May 2021

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | MAY 2021 65 AFSA ANNOUNCES NEW SCHOOL PARTNERSH I P AFSA is partnering with the New England Innovation Academy, dedicated to preparing the next generation of innovators through its unique human-centered design. The school was founded this year. Beginning this fall, NEIA will offer AFSA members’ children enrolling in grades 6 to 12 a guaranteed minimum scholarship of $10,000 that can be increased to $42,000 (a full schol- arship) based on financial need. NEIA seeks to fosters a global community that “empowers its students to strive for equity through its immersive and hands-on curriculum that fosters empathy, curiosity and collabora- tion, and that inspires young learners to posi- tively effect change in the world.”  The school describes its curriculum as a tailored project-based approach to education designed to provide students with a sense of ownership over their own learning, as well as valuable real-world connections. NEIA’s Massachusetts campus is a collec- tion of open and connected learning spaces designed to support group learning, individual study and quiet reflection. NEIA tells AFSA it is committed to developing an environment that is responsive to the needs of both students and teachers, supports personalized curricula and reflects the school’s local and global commu- nity. AFSA welcomes NEIA’s offer to provide our members’ children with discounts off the tuition for this unique educational opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about NEIA and what it has to offer, please visit and sign up for an information session. For information on other educational offer- ings provided by AFSA, please visit educational-partners or contact Awards and Scholarships Manager Theo Horn at horn@ . n NEWS BRIEF AFSA NEWS