The Foreign Service Journal, May 2021

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Contents 5
Cover Story 20
Revitalizing State—Closing the Education Gap 20
Focus on Arctic Diplomacy 24
Advancing U.S. Diplomacy in the Arctic 24
A Balanced Approach to the Arctic—A Conversation with U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic Region James P. DeHart 30
Setting Up Shop in Nuuk 34
Toward a Sustainable Arctic 38
Arctic Exceptionalism 42
Feature 46
Raqqa’s Inferno—A Diplomat Reads Dante in Syria 46
FS Heritage 53
A Victory Against McCarthy—The Bohlen Confirmation 53
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Our Priorities—and Yours 7
Letter from the Editor—Arctic Diplomacy Briefing 9
Speaking Out—How the 1619 Project Can Help Public Diplomacy 17
Reflections—Rescuing a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sarh 84
Local Lens—Koh Samui, Thailand 86
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Talking Points 11
In Memory 69
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AFSA News 59
Inside Diplomacy Event: Boosting America’s Global Presence 59
State VP Voice—The Importance of Leadership Training 60
USAID VP Voice—What a Difference a Year Makes 61
Foreign Service Spouses: Share Your Stories! 61
Retiree VP Voice—Staying Connected with Colleagues 62
Annual Report: Legal Defense Fund 62
AFSA Webinar: Fostering Constructive Dissent 63
Diplomats at Work: Telling Foreign Service Stories 64
Webinar: All About Federal Long Term Care Insurance 64
AFSA Announces New School Partnership 65
View from Washington Webinar: A Foreign Service Ripe for Change 66
FSI Leadership Course Offerings in FY21 66
AFSA Outreach: A Full Slate of Events 67
Biden Administration Issues Workforce Protection Guidance 68
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, March 17, 2021 68