The Foreign Service Journal, May 2024

32 MAY 2024 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL John Jacob Rogers: The Father of the Foreign Service The Foreign Service Act of 1924, known as the Rogers Act, unifies the diplomatic and consular services, creating the Foreign Service of the United States. The following timeline presents the Foreign Service at significant moments during the last century, as drawn from the pages of The Foreign Service Journal, with milestones for AFSA running concurrently. For more on any entry, visit that FSJ edition in the digital archive. —The FSJ Team 1924 1924 The American Consular Association reconstitutes itself as the American Foreign Service Association “for the purpose of fostering an esprit de corps” among Foreign Service employees. The American Consular Bulletin becomes the American Foreign Service Journal. Training for the Career It is the belief of those who have had experience in the consular and diplomatic service that one foreign modern language, well taught over a long period of years, is preferable … that history is the most important of secondary subjects … that algebra and plane geometry be required; that typewriting and knowledge of accounts are necessary tools; and that a course in general science and at least three years in Latin be offered in the high school. —Glen Levin Swiggett, Chairman, National Council on FS Training, March 1924 Bulletin. FOCUS ON CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION The U.S. Foreign Service and AFSA Through 100 Years of the Journal