The Foreign Service Journal, May 2024

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | MAY 2024 33 1926 Elizabeth Harriman gives AFSA $25,000 to establish a scholarship fund in honor of her late son, Oliver, a Foreign Service officer. 1927 Foreign and Domestic Commerce Act of 1927 establishes the Foreign Commerce Service (FCS). 1934 1939 The Good Neighbor Policy [Secretary of State Cordell Hull] left behind at Montevideo [Seventh International Conference of American States, December 1933] vivid impressions of a United States foreign policy which is that of the good neighbor, and of a Secretary of State whose frankness as a spokesman for his country and whose skill as a statesman brought harmony and accord where some had anticipated disagreement and failure. —James A. Farrell, chairman, National Foreign Trade Council, December 1934 AFSJ. On Repatriation of a Foreign Service Wife The small son and I were at sea. My husband preceded us by a week to his post after having taken “home leave.” … My little boy spoke happily of seeing his dog and we both felt we were going home, for we had been all of 18 months in this land we were approaching. We docked one early morning and I noticed a slightly grim expression on my husband’s face as we trotted down the gangplank. “I was transferred to Washington yesterday,” he said brightly, “and am to report as soon as possible.” “Oh!” was really all there was left for me to say. —Charlotte S. Littell, FS spouse, December 1939 AFSJ. Message from President Franklin D. Roosevelt —December 1939 AFSJ. 1929 The American Foreign Service Protective Association is incorporated to provide group insurance for AFSA members. 1930 Foreign Agricultural Service Act of 1930 establishes the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). 1931 Moses-Linthicum Act regulates Foreign Service ranks and retirement. 1933 Secretary of State Henry L. Stimson unveils AFSA’s Roll of Honor, a memorial plaque honoring “those in the American Foreign Service who . . . have died under tragic or heroic circumstances.” AFSA confers its first scholarship. 1939 Congress closes FCS and FAS as an austerity measure. Functions are transferred to State and personnel to the Foreign Service.