The Foreign Service Journal, June 2008

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on the FS Personnel System 15
Who Is the “Total Candidate?” FSO Hiring Today 15
A Career Out of Balance 26
Going It Alone: Family Life in the ‘New’ Foreign Service 30
Rewarding Functional Policy Expertise 36
The Movement to Empower Locally Engaged Staff 43
Features 47
Building on the Goldwater-Nichols Act 47
A Lagos Diary: Dying Request for a Kosher Burial 51
AFSA News 57
Foreign Affairs Day: AFSA Honors Fallen Colleagues 57
Briefs: Aggeler Is Back 58
VP State: The Next FS Generation 59
AFSA-PAC Treasurer’s Report 60
Issue Brief: Foreign Assistance Reform 61
VP FCS: Unfinished Business 62
Legislative Update 63
Classifieds 64
Schools Supplement 67
Flying Solo—Going to College from Overseas: A Guide for Parents 68
Schools at a Glance 81
Special-Needs Kids and the Foreign Service: Dispelling the Myths 89
Departments 5
President’s Views—The Foreign Service Act of 2010 5
Speaking Out—Where Have All the Senior-Level Women Gone? 12
Reflections—Trombone Diplomacy 100
Letters 6
Cybernotes 8
Marketplace 11
Books 93
Index to Advertisers 98