The Foreign Service Journal, June 2015

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Diversity and Inclusion 20
Human Rights for LGBT Persons 20
How Far We've Come, How Far We Have to Go 25
Promoting an LGBT-Inclusive Human Rights Agenda 28
Diversity: The Mentoring Dimension 34
Toward a Foreign Service Reflecting America 39
Making Inclusion Real: Affinity Groups in Action 41
Promoting Disability Diversity at the State Department 42
BIG: Working to Make Diversity Operational 43
Executive Women @ State: Breaking Barriers 44
Celebrating Arab-Americans in Foreign Affairs 45
Feature 46
The United States and Latin America: Individuals vs. Institutions 46
Education Supplement 66
Frank Bruni Takes on College Admissions Insanity 66
Schools At A Glance 78
Gap Happy: One FS Student’s Experience 97
AFSA News 51
Governing Board Candidates Hold Town Hall Meetings 51
AFSA Welcomes QDDR Release 51
VP Voice State – Congressional Advocacy 52
VP Voice FCS – FS Diversity andthe Civil Rights Act of 1964 53
VP Voice Retiree – The Case for Mentoring 54
AFSA Launches Palmer Award 54
Foreign Service Advocacy Day 55
AFSA on the Hill 56
DACOR Hosts Vietnam Hands 57
Working with Affinity Groups 58
AFSA Road Scholars in D.C. 59
A History of AFSA 59
Issue Brief: On State Department Workforce Development 60
Retiree Job Search Program 61
AFSA President Reaches Out to Students 62
Speakers Bureau Grows 64
AFSA Welcomes New Staff and Summer Interns 64
Rivkin Award Donor Luncheon 65
Columns 7
President’s Views: A Story of ForeignService Leadership 7
Letter from the Editor: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion 8
Speaking Out: Employee Plus One—Marriage and the War for Talent 17
Departments 9
Letters 9
Talking Points 13
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Local Lens 114
Marketplace 106
Classifieds 106
Real Estate 109
Index to Advertisers 112