The Foreign Service Journal, June 2018

AFSA NEWS THE OFFICIAL RECORD OF THE AMERICAN FOREIGN SERVICE ASSOCIATION 46 JUNE 2018 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL AFSAHonors Fallen Foreign Service Colleagues On May 4 the American For- eign Service Association held its annual memorial ceremony to pay tribute to colleagues who gave their lives in service to our country overseas. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the crowd of several hundred colleagues and family members gathered at the memorial plaques in the C Street lobby of State Department. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon offered a eulogy for Michael Andrew Cameron “Andy”Jordan and Selena Nelson-Salcedo, members of the Foreign Service whose names were added to AFSA’s memorial plaques that day. AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson presided over the event. Close to two hundred attendees gathered in front of the plaques listing Foreign Service members who have died in the line of duty since 1780. Erected by AFSA in 1933, the first plaque was unveiled by then-Secretary of State Henry Stimson. The plaques now list 250 names. “The Senate in 1996 passed a resolution calling for the first Friday of May to be recognized as American Foreign Service Day,”Amb. Stephenson noted in her remarks.“That resolution had 54 co-sponsors from both parties, showing wide bipartisan support for the idea of strong American global leadership—and for the For- eign Service.”AFSA holds the AFSA/JOAQUINSOSA Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offers condolences to Andy Jordan’s wife and daughters. memorial ceremony each year on Foreign Service Day. Following Amb. Stephen- son’s remarks, the United States Armed Forces Color Guard presented the colors. Secretary Pompeo then spoke to the crowd in one of his first public appearances at the State Department since being confirmed. “Today, as we remember the fallen during this solemn occasion, we grieve for these heroes,” said the Secretary. “We pray for their families and their friends and colleagues. But we must also keep our eyes fixed, knowing that a more stable and peaceful future is ahead because of the legacy they have helped us achieve. Every day, we get up with a goal in mind, remem- bering that the sacrifice we all make makes freedom possible, and we channel their dedication and their commit- ment to propel us forward.” Under Secretary Shannon spoke next. Of the 250 names on the memorial plaque, he observed,“112 have been added since the day I raised my hand and swore to support and defend the Constitu- tion of the United States in 1984. Each of these names, fromWilliam Palfrey, the very first in 1780, to those we will add today, has a compelling story. Each had a family and friends and colleagues who mourn their death. This year we mourn and honor two more members of our Foreign Service family. I want to share with you the stories of Selena JOAQUINSOSA Foreign Service colleagues and family members of the deceased at the ceremony. Continued on p. 48 AFSA/JOAQUINSOSA