The Foreign Service Journal, June 2018

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Contents 5
Cover Story 21
DS Diplomacy Works: Breaking Up a Child Pornography Trafficking Ring 21
Focus on Cyber Diplomacy 26
Diplomacy in Cyberspace 26
A Diplomat in a Cyber World: Working with CYBERCOM 31
Technology and Diplomacy: From the FSJ Archive 35
FS Know-How 37
Going Home: How to Buy a House for Home Leave and R&R 37
FS Heritage 42
Ebenezer Bassett: The Legacy of America’s First African-American Diplomat 42
Education Supplement 56
Foreign Service Student Guide to Creating a College List 56
Schools At a Glance 72
The Vocational Education Option: A Student’s Search for Meaning in Today’s Economy 76
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Rebuilding America’s Diplomatic Capability 7
Letter from the Editor—The Cyber Challenge 9
Speaking Out—Two Ears, One Mouth, Two Hands: Diplomacy 101 18
Family Member Matters—An Interview with My Son 86
Reflections—A British Baptism in a Russian Church, in 1968 93
Local Lens—Dublin, Ireland 94
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Letters 10
Letters-Plus 11
Talking Points 13
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Marketplace 88
Classifieds 88
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Index to Advertisers 92
AFSA News 46
AFSA Honors Fallen Foreign Service Colleagues 46
Rolling Moment of Silence 47
State VP Voice—A Fresh Start 49
FCS VP Voice—Select USA Connects Foreign Investors with U.S. Companies 50
New Specialist Class Members Join AFSA 50
Retiree VP Voice—Progress Report 51
AFSA Hosts Expelled Diplomats 51
A Fresh Approach to Member Services 52
AFSA Welcomes New Staff Members 52
Congress Comes Through for the Foreign Service 54
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, April 2018 54
Outreach: Retirees Across America 55