The Foreign Service Journal, June 2021

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Great Power Competition Today 21
Cyber Diplomacy for Strategic Competition 21
Countering China’s Intimidation of Taiwan 26
Engagement with China: Was It a Mistake? 31
Hello, Europe—America Is Back 34
GPC—Meaningful Concept or Misleading Construct? 39
Feature 43
Whatever Happened to Microfinance? A Cautionary Tale 43
Education Supplement 57
The Impact of COVID-19 on FS Kids: Tips and Thoughts 57
What’s New with Special Education Allowances? 68
Education at a Glance 64
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Let’s Get It Right This Time 7
Letter from the Editor—Finding the Power Paradigm for Today 9
Speaking Out—The Case Against Political Ambassadors 19
Reflections—The Mouse That Roared 89
Local Lens—Safed Dara, Tajikstan 90
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 13
Books 80
Marketplace 83
Lodging 83
Real Estate 84
Classifieds 87
Index to Advertisers 88
AFSA News 47
AFSA Renovates and Expands Memorial Plaques 47
State VP Voice—Telework: Productive and Family Friendly 48
USAID VP Voice—Words of Thanks 49
AFSA on the Hill—Seizing the Moment: Expand the U.S. Foreign Service 50
AFSA Editorial Board Welcomes Two New Members 51
AFSA Welcomes Franny Raybaud as Membership Coordinator 51
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, April 21, 2021 51
USAID Office of Security Briefing 52
AFSA Webinar: The Basics of Long-Term Care and Life Insurance 53
FSGB 2020 Annual Report: Cases Are Up for the Foreign Service Grievance Board 54
Boosting AFSA’s Social Media Presence 55