The Foreign Service Journal, June 2022

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JUNE 2022 5 June 2022 Volume 99, No. 5 FS Heritage Focus: A Progress Report on Diversity 24 The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Turns One: An Interview with Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley 32 The Payne Fellowship Network: Advancing DEIA at USAID Payne Fellows and alums have created a dynamic new employee resource group that is working to boost recruitment and retention of diverse FSOs. By Ma r i e l a Me d i n a Ca s t e l l a n o s 44 Why the Office of War Information Still Matters Established in 1942, the OWI popularized a global vision for the war effort—underscoring the importance of public diplomacy for U.S. national security today. By N i c h o l a s J . Cu l l 48 OWI and the “Battle of Sweden” By Wi l l i ams S . Ma r t i n a n d Da r i a Ga s pa r i n i 65 Getting a Degree Overseas: An Option Worth Considering? By Re b e c c a G r a p p o 76 Transitioning FS Kids to U.S. Public Schools: What You Need to Know By Ch a r l o t t e L a r s e n 36 The FAS Diversity Fellowship Answers: “Why Not?” The Foreign Agricultural Service has launched a pathbreaking initiative to bring diversity to its ranks. By Va l e r i e B r own 39 A Foreign Service Career— Blindness Didn’t Stop Me The evaluation and promotion process contains potential pitfalls for disabled members of the Foreign Service, the first blind FSO at State attests. By Roy G l ove r 42 Supporting State’s LGBTQI+ Workforce A gay FSO working in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion discusses what the initiative means for the LGBTQI+ community. By T h oma s Co l ema n Cover Story 21 Moldova— Putin’s Next Target? A former ambassador to Moldova offers his perspective on the underlying issues of culture, language, ethnicity and history driving the current conflict. By J ame s Pe t t i t 88 How to Qualify for In-State College Tuition By J o h n K . Na l a n d 84, 86 Education-at-a-Glance Chart Education Supplement