The Foreign Service Journal, June 2022

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Contents 5
Cover Story 21
Moldova—Putin’s Next Target? 21
Focus: A Progress Report on Diversity 24
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion Turns One: An Interview with Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley 25
The Payne Fellowship Network: Advancing DEIA at USAID 32
The FAS Diversity Fellowship Answers: “Why Not?” 36
A Foreign Service Career—Blindness Didn’t Stop Me 39
Supporting State’s LGBTQI+ Workforce 42
FS Heritage 44
Why the Office of War Information Still Matters 44
OWI and the “Battle of Sweden” 48
Education Supplement 65
Getting a Degree Overseas: An Option Worth Considering? 65
Transitioning FS Kids to U.S. Public Schools: What You Need to Know 76
How to Qualify for In-State College Tuition 88
Education-at-a-Glance Chart 84
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—The Time for Diplomacy Is Now 7
Letter from the Editor—DEIA Today: “We Can Walk and Chew Gum” 9
Speaking Out—iMatch: Ready for Takeoff? 19
Reflections—Election Saga, Bangui 101
Local Lens—Mahe, Seychelles 102
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Letters 10
Letters-Plus 13
Talking Points 14
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Lodging & Extended Stay 95
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Index to Advertisers 100
AFSA News 51
Book Notes: Lessons from the Edge with Marie Yovanovitch 51
State VP Voice—Ongoing Issues at State 52
USAID VP Voice—When Is a Presidential Priority Not a Priority? 53
AFSA on the Hill—FY22 AFSA Appropriations Outcomes 54
Inside Diplomacy Event: Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Foreign Service 55
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, April 20, 2022 55
FSJ Wins a TRENDY Award 56
AFSA Panel Discussion: Mastering the EER 56
Road Scholars Get Crash Course in Diplomacy 57
New Contact Reporting Requirements 58
New Virginia, Maryland Laws Benefit the FS 59
The Secretary Addresses Payroll Issues 59
AFSA Staff Profiles—Susan Maitra: 20 Years with the FSJ 60
Concerns on New FSOT Process 60
Retirement Planning Five to 10 Years Out 61
Foreign Service Grievance Board: Supervisors’ Duty to Counsel 62
USAID Framework Negotiations Underway 62