The Foreign Service Journal, June 2022

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JUNE 2022 65 Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed., and founder of RNG Inter- national Educational Consultants, LLC, is an expert on U.S. as well as international college advising and knows the Foreign Service lifestyle intimately, having lived it herself for more than 27 years. Rebecca is the mother of three adult Foreign Service TCKs who also see the world as their oyster. EDUCATION SUPPLEMENT F oreign Service students grow up living among diverse cultures, cus- toms and languages. So, we can hardly be surprised when some of them express a desire to study abroad for their university degrees. These globally minded students see the world as their oyster and want to continue to study with students from around the world, travel and build a résumé that includes Globally minded students may find going abroad for a university degree an attractive alternative to the U.S. These FAQs are intended to help guide that decision. BY REBECCA GRAPPO Getting a Degree Overseas An OptionWorth Considering? on the table, so that English speakers have these in addition to the predictable U.K. and Irish options. What follows is an overview of the opportunities available overseas through responses to frequently asked questions. What are the various options available to American students? The most obvious choice might be study in a U.K. or Irish university, either private or public. Throughout Europe, however, there are private and pub- lic universities that also offer degrees using English-language instruction. For example, “with over 400 bachelor pro- grams taught in English and over 1,300 master programs, the Netherlands is an excellent destination for students looking to study abroad,” says Dr. Kim Zwitser- loot, who is responsible for international student recruitment at University College relevant professional experience abroad. In sum, they are seeking to create a very internationally focused future for themselves. The good news is that many uni- versities around the world are eager to welcome students from other countries. In fact, BBC News recently reported that U.K. universities have seen a 50 percent increase in U.S. students post-Brexit, evidence of successful initiatives Brit- ish universities have conducted in the last few years to recruit international students. While many Foreign Service young people have honed their foreign language skills, it’s also good to know that, more than ever before, universities throughout Europe are offering courses and degrees in almost every subject with English as the language of instruction. This offering puts other European university programs