The Foreign Service Journal, June 2022

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | JUNE 2022 83 designed for them. FSI’s Transition Center offers “The Amazing Adventures of [Write Your Name Here]: A Guided Journal to My International Move,” a resource for elementary school–aged children who are moving overseas with foreign affairs agencies. Although written to start discussions between children and parents as they prepare and process for an international relocation, the book contains plenty of tips and tools that can be used to prepare children for any move. There is also a parent’s companion journal. For older children, FSI’s Transi- tion Center offers its first “zine” (a new series of magazines created for kids age 11-15), “ Transitions: Preparing for Your Move. ” These zines offer guidance to help middle school students navigate the challenges and excitement of living overseas and in the United States. Although you may be a seasoned par- ent having navigated multiple interna- tional moves, each move is different, and your child is likely at a different stage of life and education each time. Knowing who to turn to in the State Department for resources, guidance and answers is the first step in the right direction. Understanding what pitfalls to be pre- paring for before the move, what docu- ments to be collecting, and starting your research early can all aid in ensuring that the transition back to a U.S. public school from overseas is an experience you and your child can not only survive but thrive in. Remember that your child, having navigated many moves, has likely gained coping skills that will help in making the transition “home.” n