The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2003

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Foreign Service Fiction 16
Indigo and Pepper Soup 16
Death of a Public Servant 21
Frank Goes for Baroque 28
A Counselor in Rome 31
Through the Glass 36
Nita and the First Noble Eightfold Path 41
Features 48
Still Telling Their Stories: ADST's Oral History Program 48
Remembering USIA 57
To Anita Killed by the Bandits 62
Capitalism and the Mexican Poor 64
Columns 5
President's Views: Voice of the Foreign Service 5
Speaking Out: Strengthen Diplomacy for the War on Terror 13
Reflections: A Peaceful Sunday in Guanajuato 76
Departments 7
Letters 7
Cybernotes 10
Books 69
Index to Advertisers 74
AFSA News 77