The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2005

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on FSI/FS Training 17
The Foreign Service Institute Settles Into Arlington Hall 17
FSI: Comments from the Field 32
At FSI's Helm: An Interview with Kathy Peterson 41
Language Learning 101 49
On the Road Again! The Life of a CMT Trainer 55
The FSN Executive Corps: A Win-Win Idea 60
E-Learning for Diplomats 62
Feature 44
AFSA Award Winners in Action 44
Special Report 66
Family Member Employment: At Work in the Mission 66
Columns 5
President's Farewell Views: The More Things Change, the Better They Get 5
Speaking Out: Making Better Use of Eligible Family Members 13
Reflections: Sri Lanka Sojourn: Paradise Revisited 88
Departments 7
Letters 7
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 12
Books 78
Index to Advertisers 86
AFSA News 89