The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2012

Academic Merit Winners A FSA is proud to announce the 26ForeignService high school seniors who were selected as the winners of the 2012 AFSA Merit Awards Competition. These one-time-only awards, totaling $40,500, were conferred onWashington, D.C.-area winners onMay 4. AFSA congrat- ulates these students for their academic and artistic achievements. Winnersreceive$2,000awards,andHonorableMentionwinnersreceive $1,000 and $750 awards. The best-essay winner and the community ser- vicewinner each receive $500. Judges aremembers of AFSA’s Scholarship Committee, chaired by Ambassador Lange Schermerhorn and made up of individuals from the Foreign Service community. This year, 70 students competed for the 15 Academic Merit Awards. Theywerejudgedongradepointaverage,standardizedtestscores,anessay, two letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities and any special circumstances. FromtheAcademicMeritAwardapplicants,NoraKirkham wasselectedbest-essaywinner,andChristinaMcGuirewasselectedascom- munity service winner. Nine students submitted art merit applications under one of the fol- lowing categories: visual arts, musical arts, drama or creative writing. Art applicants were judged on their art submission, two letters of recom- mendationandanessay. VictoriaLaneywasselectedastheArtMeritAward winner for her visual art submissions. ElizabethDunhamandMoira Sims were selectedas theArtMeritHonorableMentionAwardwinners for their visual art submissions. Eight academic merit named scholarships have been established to date. These awardswere bestowedon the highest-scoring students: Bridget Jamison received the Association of the American Foreign Service Worldwide Scholarship; Lucinda Chu-Ketterer received the John and Priscilla Becker Family Scholarship; Rose Hinman and Bradley Raynor received the Turner C. CameronMemorial Scholarships; Charlotte Ellison received the JohnC. LearyMemorial Scholarship; ShannonBall andBasil Smitham received the Joanna and Robert Martin Scholarships; and Marshall Richards received theDonald S.Memorial andMariaGiuseppa Spigler Award. FormoreinformationontheAFSAMeritAwards,theAFSAScholarship Program, or howto establishor apply for a scholarship, please contact Lori Dec at (202) 944-5504 or, or visit 2012 AFSA Merit Award Winners BY LORI DEC, SCHOLARSHIP DIRECTOR Madeline Carwile – daugh- ter of John Carwile (State) and Karin Hauschild; graduat- ed from the American Overseas School of Rome, Italy; attending Rhodes College, majoring in biology. Lucinda Chu-Ketterer – daughter of Keith Ketterer (State) and Jeanette Chu (FCS); graduated from George Mason High School, Falls Church, Va.; attending Pitzer College, majoring in chemistry; designated the John and Priscilla Becker Family Scholar. Charlotte Ellison – daughter of D. Kevin Ellison (State) and Marie-Christine Ellison; graduat- ed from Lake Braddock Secondary School, Burke, Va.; attending the University of Virginia, majoring in mathemat- ics and art; designated the John C. Leary Memorial Scholar. Amelia Smith – daughter of Matthew Smith (State) and Susan Smith; graduated from the American Community School, Amman, Jordan; attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in physics. Basil Smitham – son of Thomas Smitham (State) and Alexandra Maduros; graduat- ed fromWalt Whitman High School, Bethesda, Md.; attending Yale University, majoring in physics; designat- ed the Joanna and Robert Martin Scholar. Bridget Jamison – daughter of Jeffrey Jamison (State) and Shannon Jamison; graduated from James Madison High School, Vienna, Va.; attending Barnard College, majoring in dance and history; designated the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide Scholar. Marshall Richards – son of Robert Richards (State) and Cynthia Richards (State); graduated from George Mason High School, Falls Church, Va.; attending The College of William and Mary, majoring in Chinese studies; designated the Donald S. Memorial and Maria Giuseppa Spigler Scholar. Shannon Ball – daughter of Douglas Ball (USAID) and Janet Ball; graduated from the American Community School, Amman, Jordan; attending Tufts University, majoring in international relations; designated the Joanna and Robert Martin Scholar. Elizabeth Goldrup – daugh- ter of Stephen Goldrup (State) and Nicole Price; grad- uated from the International School of Beijing, China; attending Brigham Young University, majoring in studio art. Bradley Raynor – son of Michael Raynor (State) and Kathleen Raynor; graduated from Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, Olney, Md.; attending Kenyon College, majoring in interna- tional studies; designated the Turner C. Cameron Memorial Scholar. 56 F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L / J U L Y - A UGU S T 2 0 1 2 A F S A N E W S