The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2012

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Contents 5
Focus on FSI/FS Training 14
Pursuing the Elusive Training Float 14
Fostering a Professional Foreign Service 21
The Army’s Approach to Leader Development 27
At FSI’s Helm: An Interview with Ruth A. Whiteside 32
Features 39
Celebrating Intellectual Courage: AFSA’s Constructive Dissent Awards 39
The Need for Long-Term Perspectives in Foreign Policy 42
FS Heritage 46
Joel R. Poinsett: First U.S. Envoy in Latin America 46
AFSA News 49
AFSA Panel Assesses Prospects for the Arab Spring 49
AFSA Dissent and Performance Award Winners Announced 49
News Briefs 50
VP State—Internet Porn: Does State Know It When It Sees It? 51
VP FCS—Counting Our Blessings 52
VP Retirees—Something New and Different 52
AFSA Award Winners’ Profiles 53
2012 AFSA Merit Award Winners 56
Kennan Award 58
Classifieds 59
Departments 7
President’s Views—Foreign Service Pets: Not a Peripheral Issue 7
Reflections—My Portable Consciences 78
Letters 8
Cybernotes 10
Marketplace 13
Books 62
In Memory 65
Index to Advertisers 76