The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2014

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Contents 5
Focus: Embassy Reporting Today 22
The Art of Political Reporting 22
Diplomatic Reporting: Adapting to the Information Age 26
A Selection of Views from Practitioners 31
Hitting the Ball 31
Bring in the Noise–Using Digital Technology to Promote Peace and Security 32
The Value-Added of Networking 33
The Three Amigos–South Korea, Colombia and Panama Trade Agreements 34
Political Reporting: Then and Now–and Looking Ahead 35
The #Twitterfication of Political and Economic Reporting 36
Features 38
It Deserved an Oscar 38
Westgate: The Other Nairobi and the Future of Kenya 41
AFSA News 45
Gala 90th-Anniversary Celebration 45
State VP Voice: Bidding and 360s 46
USAID VP Voice: FS Benefits–How Do State and USAID Compare? 47
AFSA Welcomes New Staff Members 48
Two New Reps Join AFSA Board 48
Speaker Partnership with USC 49
2014 AFSA Award Winners 49
Issue Brief: The COM Guidelines 50
Expert on Professions Kicks Off New AFSA Forum 53
The 2014 Kennan Writing Award 56
2014 Merit Award Winners 57
AFSA Files MSI Implementation Dispute 61
On the Hill: Who Said It’s All About Congress? 62
USAID Mission Directors’ Happy Hour 63
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Yet Another Press Run 63
Why You Need a Household Inventory 64
Federal Benefits Event Draws a Full House 65
Columns 7
President’s Views: The New QDDR Offers Hope 7
Letter from the Editor: Reporting Matters 8
Speaking Out: How to Get Better Ambassadors 17
Reflections: Spy vs. Spy, Romanian Style 81
Departments 9
Letters 9
Talking Points 11
Books 66
In Memory 68
Local Lens 82
Marketplace 73
Classifieds 73
Real Estate 77
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