The Foreign Service Journal, September 2003

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Foreign Service Specialists 20
Foreign Service Specialists: Editor's Introduction 20
A Touch of Class: The World of Foreign Service Specialists 21
Public Diplomacy's "Secret Weapon": RELOs 28
That's Classified! 31
Say Ah: Regional Medical Officers in Action 32
A Security Engineering Officer's Point of View 34
Responding to a Crisis 36
Office Management Specialists: On the Move 38
The Evolution of the OMS Function 40
Give Me Technicolor... Any Day! 42
The Life of Foreign Service Specialists 43
Separate and Unequal 46
IROs: Into the Cyber Age 47
The IMS Overseas: Stand Up and Be Counted 49
Assisting Anti-Poaching Efforts in Chad 53
Foreign Service Specialists Speak Out 55
Features 62
For Prof. Gingrich, A Little History Lesson 62
Chile's Own Sept. 11 68
Columns 5
President's Views: She Talked the Talk and Walked the Walk 5
Speaking Out I: Why I Resigned 14
Speaking Out II: Why Dissent Is Important and Resignation Honorable 15
Reflections: The Perfect Day 84
Departments 6
Letters 6
Cybernotes 10
Books 74
In Memory 75
Index to Advertisers 82
AFSA News 85