The Foreign Service Journal, September 2010

A F S A N E W S 58 F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L / S E P T EMB E R 2 0 1 0 CLASSIFIEDS that call formanagement rather than res- olution. In addition, American negotiators are often perceived as overbearing, and their discussions tend to be “transactional in character rather than relationship-build- ing.” Solomon also spoke about the role of hospitality as “amuchbigger part of nego- tiation in other countries than ours.” He got a laugh with the line, “The Chinese want to get you drunk; the Russians want to drink with you.” Solomon ended his talkwith a call for more training innegotiation for diplomats, with a particular focus on sensitivity to other cultures. A question-and-answer period followed. WETA-TV recorded these and other AFSA events and has posted them on its Web site, at Both books can be ordered online at AFSA’s Bookstore, books/policy.cfm. ❏ Former AFSA Scholarship Recipients Honor Their Mother with New Scholarship S tella Panagoulias Stutz joined the Foreign Service in 1967 and was posted to Stockholm, Amman, Tegucigalpa, London, Belgrade, Doha, Geneva and Washington, D.C. before retiring in 2005. Her last assign- ment was at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security field office in Miami. Stella’s chil- dren — David, Karla, Robert and Shari — all received AFSA Financial Aid Scholarships in the 1990s. Now they have established a scholarship in their mother’s name. The Stella Panagoulias Stutz Scholarship is a tribute to her and a grateful nod to having seen the world thanks to their mother’s FS career. The first recipient of the scholarship is John Guice, son of FSO Stephen Guice. Stutz currently spends her time with new husband Joe Robinson, and travels around the country to visit friends and family, divid- ing her time between homes in West Virginia and Wyoming. For more information on establishing or applying for an AFSA Financial Aid Scholarship or Merit Award, please contact AFSA Scholarship Director Lori Dec at (202) 944-5504 or . AFSAOffers $151,100 in College Scholarship Aid AFSA will award need-based, financial aid undergraduate scholarships totaling $151,100 to 71 children of Foreign Service employees for the 2010-2011 school year. Twenty-one of these scholarships were funded by the DACOR Bacon House Foundation, totaling $41,000; and three were funded by the Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide, totaling $6,600. A complete listing of students and their awards is posted on AFSA’s Web site at Beginning Nov. 15, applications for 2011-2012 scholarships will be available at that Web address, as well. ❏ AFSA Book Notes • Continued from page 57 AFSA NEWS BRIEFS LEGAL SERVICES ATTORNEY WITH 30 years’ successful experience SPECIALIZING FULL-TIME IN FS GRIEVANCES will more than double your chance of winning: 30%of grievantswin before the Grievance Board; 85% of my clients win. Only a private attorney can adequately devel- op and present your case, including neces- sary regs, arcane legal doctrines, precedents and rules. Call Bridget R. Mugane at Tel: (301) 596-0175 or (202) 387-4383. E-mail: Free initial telephone consultation. WILLS/ESTATE PLANNING by attorney who is a former FSO. Have your will reviewed and updated, or newone prepared: No charge for initial consultation. M. Bruce Hirshorn, Boring & Pilger, P.C. 307Maple Ave. W, Suite D, Vienna, VA 22180. Tel: (703) 281-2161. Fax: (703) 281-9464. E-mail: EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS REPRE- SENTING FS officers in grievances, perfor- mance, promotion and tenure, financial claims, discrimination anddisciplinary actions. We rep- resent FS officers at all stages of the proceed- ings froman investigation, issuanceof proposed discipline or the initiation of a grievance, through to a hearingbefore the FSGB. We pro- vide experienced, timely and knowledgeable advice to employees from junior untenuredoffi- cers through the Senior FS, and often work closely with AFSA. Kalijarvi, Chuzi & Newman. Tel: (202) 331-9260. E-mail: . LEGAL SERVICES ATTORNEYS EXPERIENCED IN REP- RESENTINGFOREIGNSERVICEOFFICERS and intelligence communitymembers in civil and criminal investigations, administrative inquiries, IG issues, grievances, disciplinary investigations, and security clearance issues. Extensive State Department experience, both as counsel to the IG and in L and in representing individual offi- cers. We have handled successfully some par- ticularly difficult cases confronting Foreign Service and intelligence officers, both before the ForeignServiceGrievanceBoard and in the fed- eral and local courts. We work closely with AFSA when appropriate and cost effective. Doumar Martin PLLC. Tel: (703) 243-3737. Fax (703) 524-7610. E-mail: . Web site: LEGAL SERVICES PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: $1.40/ word (10-wordmin). First 3words bolded free, additional bold text 85¢/word. Header or box-shading $11 each. Deadline: 5 wks ahead of publication. Adv. Mgr. Tel: (202) 944-5507. Fax: (202) 338-8244. E-mail: