The Foreign Service Journal, September 2010

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on the Office of Medical Services 17
To Your Health 17
Does State Discriminate Against People with Disabilities? 27
A Unique Practice 33
Feature 36
Pakistan: Washington’s Blind Spot in Afghanistan 36
FS Heritage 43
America’s First Ambassador to Israel: James G. McDonald 43
AFSA News 49
AFSA Honors Courage and Excellence 49
Statesmen or Hagglers? — AFSA Book Discussions 49
A Legislative View of the FS: Rep. Nita Lowey 49
News Briefs 50
VP State—FS Members: Good Beyond the Expiration Date? 51
VP Retiree—Going for Legislation for Re-employed Annuitants 52
VP FCS—Amidst Fiscal Uncertainty, Commerce Leaders Remain Committed to Growth 53
The Overseas Pay Gap: More Progress 54
Ten Years at AFSA: Associate Editor Shawn Dorman 54
Family Member Matters: Thriving Overseas 55
Classifieds 58
Departments 5
President’s Views—AFSA’s Role As a Professional Association 5
Speaking Out—Recognizing Those Who Have Made a Difference 13
Reflections—Pop-Tart Diplomacy 68
Letters 6
Cybernotes 9
Marketplace 14
Books 62
Index to Advertisers 66