The Foreign Service Journal, September 2011

56 F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L / S E P T EMB E R 2 0 1 1 O n July 15, Director General of the Foreign Service Nancy Powell, the Family Liaison Office and the Foreign Service YouthFoundationco-hosted the2011ForeignServiceYouth Awards ceremony in theBenjaminFranklinDiplomaticReception Room. Foreign Service children were honored for their artwork, video production, essay writing, community service and an envi- ronmental project. Childrenwhoseparents are servingorhave served at an unaccompanied post were also recognized. COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD: Jared Gibson, 16, Embassy Tunis Alexandra Ike, 18, Embassy Accra ESSAY CONTEST: Middle school First place: Andriy Etcheverry, 14, Consulate General St. Petersburg Joint second place: Anna Bailey, 14, Embassy Riga, and Olivia Mozdzierz, age 11, Embassy La Paz High school First place: Chungdhak Lhamo Sherpa, 19, Washington, D.C. Second place: Castilleja Kuzis, 16, Embassy Colombo ART CONTEST: Ages 5 to 8 First place: Braden Bitner, 8, Washington, D.C. Second place: Gabriel Hastings, 9, Embassy Yerevan Joint third place: Emma Keller, 8, Embassy Kathmandu, and Hannah Ha-Eun Kim, 8, Embassy Ouagadougou Ages 9 to 12 First place: Caitlin Chaisson, 10, Embassy Tashkent Second place: Katharine Schlachter, 11, Washington, D.C. Third place: Sydney SelamDomaingue, 11, Washington, D.C. Ages 13 to 18 First place: Jillian Luoma-Overstreet, 17, Washington, D.C. Second place: Olivia Doret, 14, Embassy Paris Third place: Castilleja Kuzis, 16, Embassy Colombo ENVIRONMENT CONTEST: Alex Moreno, 13, Embassy Dar es Salaam KIDVID CONTEST: First place: LathamWright, 15, Embassy Manila Joint second place: Kelli Wilson, 13, and Cassie Vining, 10, Embassy Ulaanbaatar, and Peter Huson, 12, Embassy Krakow, Poland Third place: Drew Turner, 14, Embassy Kathmandu To learn more about each award, please visit UNACCOMPANIED POST MEDALS In 2006, the department began sendingmedals and certificates of recognition to children of parents serving at unaccompanied posts. Designed and distributed by the Family LiaisonOffice, the medals and certificates acknowledge the sacrifice children make. In 2011, more than 500 children have received medals and cer- tificates. Formore information about FLO’sUnaccompaniedTour Recognition Program, please visit the FLO Web site at www. A F S A N E W S Foreign Service Youth Award Recipients Announced BY GABRIELLE HAMPSON, COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH OFFICER, FAMILY LIAISON OFFICE Winners of the FSYF Awards: Front row (left to right): Emma Keller, Cassie Vining. Back row (left to right): Alex Moreno, Chungdhak Sherpa, Alexandra Ike, Jared Gibson, Jillian Luoma-Overstreet, Oliva Doret, Katie Schlachter and Drew Turner. DONNA AYERST Zea Barcus Nims admires Katherine Schlachter’s “An American in Johannesburg.” DONNA AYERST Drew Turner’s KidVid showing life in Kathmandu. DONNA AYERST Medal recipients: Front row (left to right): Webb Barcus Nims, Jem Barcus Nims, Zea Barcus Nims, GeorgeMathews, JohnMathews, Taogh Keane, Ricana Walker, Sidona Walker, Kiran Keane, Joseph Henzel, Brendan Henzel, Claire Henzel. Back row (left to right): Melissa Mathews, Claire Mathews and DG Nancy Powell. DONNA AYERST