The Foreign Service Journal, September 2012

S E P T EMB E R 2 0 1 2 / F OR E I GN S E R V I C E J OU R N A L 61 A F S A N E W S O n July 20, Director General of the Foreign Service Linda Thomas-Greenfield,theFamilyLiaisonOfficeandtheForeign ServiceYouthFoundationco-hostedthe2012ForeignService Youth Awards ceremony in the State Department’s George C. Marshall Center. ForeignService childrenwere recognized for their artwork, essay writing, video production, community service and academic achievement. The ceremonyalsohonoredchildrenwhose parents are serving or have served at an unaccompanied post. ART CONTEST (Sponsored by State Department Federal Credit Union) Ages 5 to 8 First Place: Narisara “TenTen” Mayer, Washington, D.C. SecondPlace: Sophia Bitner, Consulate Jerusalem ThirdPlace: Ethan Banerjee, Washington, D.C. Ages 9 to 12 First Place: Riley Domaingue, Washington, D.C. SecondPlace: LiamMeyler Rathke, Embassy Kuala Lumpur ThirdPlace: Marlo Fowler, Embassy Podgorica Ages 13 to 18 First Place: Gabrielle Young, Washington, D.C. Joint SecondPlace: Sara Cha, Washington, D.C. Joint SecondPlace: Håkon Bard, Embassy Moscow ThirdPlace: Olivia Doret, Embassy Paris KIDVID CONTEST (Organized by FSYF and the Overseas Briefing Center, a division of FSI’s Transition Center, and sponsored by Peake Management) FirstPlace: LukeBailey, AnnaBailey,MollyBailey andDaisyBailey, Embassy Riga Second Place: Kyle Baluyut, Dean Quinlan, Noah Thurston and MeiLin Bucher, Embassy Rangoon ThirdPlace: MitchellCarswellandCamryn(Cami)Carswell,Embassy Sofia FourthPlace: Dylan Locke, Embassy Beijing FifthPlace: Drew Turner, Embassy Kathmandu ESSAY CONTEST (Sponsored by McGrath Real Estate) High School First Place: Vivian Holt, Embassy Gaborone SecondPlace: Caroline Ezekwesili, Embassy Cape Town ThirdPlace: Elizabeth Caltagirone, Embassy NewDelhi Middle School First Place: Alexander Toyryla, Consulate Chengdu SecondPlace: Claudia Amadeo, Embassy Brasilia ThirdPlace: Martin Lahm IV, Embassy Bucharest COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD (Sponsored by Clements Worldwide) Rebecca Blaser, Embassy Kampala Jasmyn Roecks, Embassy Addis Ababa MERIT SCHOLARSHIP (Sponsored by GEICO/Foreign Service Youth Foundation) Reia Tong, Washington, D.C. To learn more about each award, please visit In 2006, the department began sending medals and certificates of recognition to childrenwhose parents were serving or had served atahigh-riskunaccompaniedpost. DesignedanddistributedbyFLO, theawards acknowledge the sacrifice that childrenand familiesmake whenemployeesvolunteerforanunaccompaniedtour. Todate,more than 3,000 children have been recognized for their sacrifice. For more information about FLO’s Unaccompanied Tour Recognition Program, please visit the FLOWeb site at www.state. gov/m/dghr/flo. Winners of the 2012 Foreign Service Youth Awards. Front row (L to R): Martin Lahm, Sara Cha, Alexander Toyryla, Molly Bailey, Narisara “TenTen” Mayer, Daisy Bailey, MeLin Bucher and Kyle Baluyut. Second row (L to R): Gabrielle Young, Claudia Amadeo, FSYF President Linda Garvelink, Director General of the Foreign Service andDirector of HumanResources Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Caroline Ezekwesili, Reia Tong, Jasmine Roecks, and Rebecca Blaser. STATE DEPARTMENT Foreign Service Youth Honored at Annual FSYF Awards Ceremony BY GABRIELLE HAMPSON, COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH OFFICER, FAMILY LIAISON OFFICE Each year, children of parents serving at unaccompanied posts are eligible to receivemedals of recognition for their sacrifice. Front row (beginning with blue dress, L to R): Riley Perlman, Sheridan Perlman, Erin McCarthy, Colleen McCarthy, Jocelyn Hamon, Kelly McCarthy, Sean McCarthy. Second row (L to R): Michael Schetta-Ramos, Savannah Sudweeks, Olivia Sudweeks, Amb. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Dwayne McDavid, David McCarthy, Kelsey Dinoia, Noah Horwath and Melissa Horvath. STATE DEPARTMENT