The Foreign Service Journal, September 2012

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on U.S.-China Relations 23
Four Decades After the Opening to China: An Interview with Henry Kissinger 23
Human Rights, China and 21st-Century Diplomacy 29
The 100,000-Strong Initiative 35
Features 38
A Personal Homage to the Foreign Service 38
El Salvador’s Remarkable Transition 41
The Responsibility Doctrine 47
AFSA News 53
AFSA Holds 45th Annual Awards Ceremony 53
News Briefs 54
V.P. Voice State—Dealing With Divorce 55
V.P. Voice Usaid—Language And Tenure: You Get What You Pay For 56
AFSA Board Adds New Members 57
Book Notes: The Dissent Papers Revealed 57
Spotlight on Intellectual Courage and Exceptional Performance 58
Capturing American Diplomacy One Interview at a Time 60
Foreign Service Youth Honored At Annual FSYF Awards Ceremony 61
GLIFAA Honors Personal And Professional Courage 62
AFSA Memorial Maker 63
Planning for Change Seminar 64
Departments 7
President's Views—Can We Revive Constructive Dissent? Should We? 7
Speaking Out—Overhauling the EER Process 17
FS Know-How—Use Checklists to Make Visa Interviews Smarter 20
Reflections—Serpentine Diplomacy 74
Letters 8
Cybernotes 13
Marketplace 14
Books 68
Index to Advertisers 72