The Foreign Service Journal, September 2019

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Preventive Diplomacy 25
We Have to Be There 25
Getting Preventive Stabilization On the Map 30
Predicting and Preventing Intrastate Violence: Lessons from Rwanda 34
Measures Short of War 39
Features 42
Foreign Service Youth Foundation: 30 Years of Service 42
War Comes to Warsaw: September 1939 45
Perspectives 9
President’s Views—Progress and New Priorities 9
Letter from the Editor—Averting Conflict 11
Speaking Out—How to Strengthen Human Rights Diplomacy 22
Reflections—Coming of Age in Zaire 93
Local Lens—Cappadocia, Turkey 94
Departments 12
Letters 12
Talking Points 15
In Memory 74
Books 84
Marketplace 86
Classifieds 86
FS Community Businesses 88
Real Estate 89
Index to Advertisers 92
AFSA News 51
New AFSA Board Takes Office 51
State VP Voice—Starting Out 52
USAID VP Voice—My Journey to … AFSA VP 53
Retiree VP Voice—Strength in Numbers 54
Looking Ahead to the FS and AFSA Centennial 54
FCS VP Voice—Navigating the Challenges Ahead 55
AFSA Supports Diplomacy at USGLC Event 55
Where We Stand—All Diplomacy Is (Eventually) Local 56
Meet the 2019-2021 AFSA Governing Board 57
The New FSJ Editorial Board Members 62
The FSJ Welcomes New Associate Editor 64
AFSA Welcomes New Grievance Counselor 64
George F. Kennan Writing Award Winner Announced 65
AFSA Recognizes Foreign Service Youth 66
Governing Board Meeting Notes 67
Next Stage: How Your FS Background Adds Value in the Private Sector 68
Scenes from AFSA’s Summer Happy Hour 68
AFSA Welcomes Newest Foreign Service Members 69
Professional Careers for FS Family Members: A Webinar 70
AFSA Promotes Economic, World Diplomacy 70
FSJ Wins 2019 Excel Award 71
Overseas Post Info Now Available to Family Members 71
Ambassador Stephenson Reviews AFSA Efforts in Final Webinar 72
AAFAA Awards Internship Stipend 72
Good News on Virginia In-State Tuition Eligibility 73