The Foreign Service Journal, October 2022

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | OCTOBER 2022 59 AFSA NEWS AFSA Achieves Highest Possible Result in Audit For the 13th straight year, the American Foreign Service Association received the highest possible commen- dation in its annual audit: a clean, unmodified opinion. The accounting firm Clif- tonLarsonAllen LLP found no deficiencies in AFSA’s 2021 financial reporting and finan- cial operations. The AFSA Governing Board received the official report at its August board meeting. Special attention to finan- cial management and related governance procedures began more than a decade ago and has yielded genuine progress, which was recog- nized by the auditing firm in their report. AFSA’s good resource stewardship has provided an opportunity to deepen services, profession- alize operations, and better advance strategic goals. Said AFSA Executive Director Ásgeir Sigfússon: “Our members can look to 13 years of ‘clean’ audit opinions as evidence that AFSA is a good steward of their member dues. Internal governance and the highest accounting standards are important to us, and receiv- ing a stamp of approval from our auditors shows that we are succeeding.” n 2023 AFSA Directory of Retired Members: Update Your Information It’s that time of the year when we ask retiree members to make sure AFSA has your most up-to-date contact infor- mation—including address, telephone number, and email address—for inclusion in the 2023 AFSA Retiree Directory. If you have moved or changed any of your contact informa- tion in the last year, please email us at If we have your current contact information, there is no need to act. The deadline for all changes for the 2023 Retiree Directory is Nov. 4, 2022. Please note that if you have previously requested your name not be included in the directory, we have that informa- tion recorded and will ensure that it is not. Further, if you have previously told us that you do not wish to receive a copy of the directory, we have that directive recorded, as well. For new requests, please email . n