The Foreign Service Journal, October 2022

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus: Perspectives on Ukraine 22
Understanding Ukraine 22
Did NATO Expansion Really Cause Putin’s Invasion? 27
Should Ukraine Have Kept Nuclear Weapons? 31
Ukraine Reconstruction: Priorities, Institutions, and the Private Sector 34
Straight from the Source 38
FSO Selection: Changing the Path to the Oral Assessment 38
Language Testing Reforms: What You Need to Know 43
Appreciation 47
An Inspiring Foreign Service Life: Ann Delavan Harrop, 1928-2022 47
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—More Diplomacy, Now 7
Letter from the Editor—Ukraine in Context 9
Speaking Out—WikiLeaks Damage Lives On: The Case of Marafa Hamidou Yaya 19
Off-Road with the Foreign Service—Visiting the Fergana Valley 50
Reflections—The Swedish Cannonball 68
Local Lens—Hoi An, Vietnam 70
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 14
Books 61
Marketplace 63
Real Estate 63
Classifieds 66
Index to Advertisers 67
AFSA News 53
AFSA Welcomes New Foreign Service Hires 53
Announcing the 2022 AFSA Award Recipients 53
State VP Voice—Progress on Equity for Local FS Hires 54
USAID VP Voice—Promoting an Improved Process 55
Retiree VP Voice—The Remarkable History of the FS Grievance System 56
FSJ Channels: Join the Conversation 57
AFSA Governing Board Meetings, July 20 and Aug. 17, 2022 57
AFSA Connects with Job Search/Transition Program 58
AFSA Achieves Highest Possible Result in Audit 59
2023 AFSA Directory of Retired Members: Update Your Information 59
Changes to Public Servant Loan Forgiveness 60
Congratulations to the AAFSW and SOSA Award Winners 60