The Foreign Service Journal, November 2020

THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL | NOVEMBER 2020 5 November 2020 Volume 97, No. 9 FOREIGN SERVICE Focus on Foreign Service Authors FS Heritage Cover Story 26 On Trust A distinguished statesman shares his thoughts on the path ahead, starting with the importance of rebuilding trust. By Ge o r ge P. Sh u l t z 30 In Their Own Write We are pleased to present this year’s collection of books by members of the Foreign Service community. 43 Of Related Interest Here are recent books of interest to the foreign affairs community that were not written by members of the Foreign Service. 66 America’s Overlooked Diplomats and Consuls Who Died in the Line of Duty A discovery in a cemetery in Hong Kong spurred a quest to find the names of U.S. diplomats whose ultimate sacrifice remained unacknowledged. By J a s o n Vo rd e r s t r a s s e Feature 72 Slaughter South of the Sahara: No Scope for “Business as Usual” Comprehensive strategies—and contingency plans if they fail—are needed urgently to deal with the complex and rapidly deteriorating situation in the Sahel. By Ma r k We n t l i n g