The Foreign Service Journal, December 2005

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus: IT and Diplomacy 21
Wiring State: A Progress Report 21
The Sun, the World, and RFID 29
IT Comes of Age in the Middle East 36
Defending State Against Ones and Zeros 43
Feature 51
Afghanistan's Troubled Past and Undertain Future 51
Schools Supplement 64
Going to College in America 64
Study Abroad: Take the Plunge 78
Schools at a Glance 80
Lost and Found: International School Reunions 85
Columns 5
President's Views: The Foreign Service as a Political Foil 5
Letter from the Editor 10
Speaking Out: Implement Career Development by Reforming the Assignment System 16
Reflections: The Mouse Still Roars 104
Departments 7
Letters 7
Cybernotes 12
Marketplace 14
Books 60
Index to Advertisers 102
AFSA News 105