The Foreign Service Journal, December 2008

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on the New Administration 15
Beyond the Cold War: A New Multilateral Agenda 15
Time for Realism in the Middle East 22
The Civilian Core of American Power 28
The Foreign Aid Reform Agenda 34
A New Partnership with the Americas 39
NATO’s Future: Taking a Fresh Approach 42
Trade and America’s Future 47
A Foreign Affairs Budget for the 21st Century 53
AFSA News 59
Closing the Overseas Pay Gap 59
A Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future 59
Official Call for AFSA Dissent Awards 59
Reminder: AFSA Governing Board Nominations 59
News Briefs, Aggeler 60
VP State: A Precious Resource 61
VP FAS: On-the-Job Training 62
Amb. Pickering Gives Adair Lecture 63
Parental Leave Benefits 64
Zlatana Badrich: 10 Years of Service 66
Retiree Q&A: Medicare Basics 67
Amb. Mike Guest and the Council for Global Equality 68
Iraq Assignments 69
Classifieds 71
Schools Supplement 76
Building Resiliency in Global Nomads 76
Schools at a Glance 85
Departments 5
President’s Views—SOS for DOS 5
Letters 7
Cybernotes 11
Marketplace 13
In Memory 73
Index to Advertisers 104