The Foreign Service Journal, December 2010

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Multilateral Diplomacy 16
Wanted: Experienced Officers to Address Global Challenges 16
Working on Many Fronts at the African Union 22
A Day at the UNHRC 25
The Way Forward on NPT Diplomacy 28
Global Meteorological Services as a Partner in Statecraft 32
Climate Change Negotiations: Lessons from Montreal 35
The Arms Control Agenda of the Obama Administration 39
IO and the Era of Multilateral Engagement 45
Schools Supplement 73
Online High School Courses 73
Ranking College Rankings: A Handy Guide 97
Schools at a Glance 83
AFSA News 51
Call for AFSA Award Nominations 51
Top Diplomats Discuss German Reunification 51
A Moment for Reflection 52
News Briefs 52
VP State—Valuing Abilities, Despite Disabilities 53
VP USAID—Developing Your People 54
VP FAS—Revise the Expiration Date 55
Agent Orange and the Foreign Service 57
AFSA Continues Its Minority Outreach Program 58
Tom Wicker Addresses New England Retirees 59
AFSA Initiates University of South Florida Speaker Series 59
From Beijing to a Bureau 60
Event Calendar / Classifieds 62
Departments 5
President’s Views—Thinking About the Unthinkable 5
Speaking Out—U.S. Foreign Economic Assistance in Perspective 13
Reflections—Working in a Multilateral Environment: A Different Feel 108
Letters 6
Cybernotes 9
Marketplace 10
Books 65
In Memory 69
Schools at a Glance 83
Index to Advertisers 106