The Foreign Service Journal, December 2011

Cover I
Contents 3
Interview 17
Charting a Path through Global Change: An Interview with President George H.W. Bush 17
Focus on the Breakup of the Soviet Union 21
Editor’s Introduction 21
Cold War Lessons 23
Embassy Moscow: On the Front Lines of History 27
The View from the Trenches 34
In the Eye of the Storm: Team SOV 39
Cultural Diplomacy in the Cold War 42
Picking up the Pieces 46
Setting Up Shop in the Newly Independent States 49
Eurasia’s Troubled Frontiers 56
Schools Supplement 73
College Applications Checklist for 11th-Graders 73
When Boarding Schools Are an Option 98
What’s in a College Ranking? 104
Schools at a Glance 85
AFSA News 63
AFSA Book Notes Event Features Afghanistan Expert 63
Dissent: A Job Requirement 63
News Briefs 64
State VP—Outstanding Medical Programs, But Still No Guarantee of Safety 65
FCS VP—Struggles of the DDG 66
CLO Coordinators: Covering All the Bases 66
A Year-End Message from the Executive Director 67
AFSA Welcomes New Foreign Service Employees 68
... And Congratulates Retirees 69
Classifieds 70
Departments 5
President’s Views—Strategic Planning, Part II 5
Speaking Out—FS Blogging: An Opportunity, Not a Threat 13
Reflections—Too Far Away from Everything 112
Letters 7
Cybernotes 9
Marketplace 10
Index to Advertisers 110