The Foreign Service Journal, December 2015

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Contents 5
Focus on the International Visitor Leadership Program 23
Soft Power, High Impact 23
Looking to the Future 36
Feature 42
The Usefulness of Cookie-Pushing 42
Education Supplement 61
FAFSA Reform: What Does It Mean for You? 61
Options for Educating Foreign Service Kids 67
Multilingual Matters: How FS Students Can Makethe Most of Language-Rich Experiences Abroad 77
Schools At A Glance 80
AFSA News 49
Foreign Service 101 on Capitol Hill 49
VP Voice State: Challenges and Frustrations of Bidding 50
VP Voice FAS: Workforce Planning Overdue 51
Job Search Program Reception 51
VP Voice USAID: Human Capital and Talent Management 52
Changes to Danger and Hardship Differentials 53
AFSA Youth Scholarships 53
Issue Brief: Update on Meritorious Service Increase Disputes 54
Reminder: Award Nominations 55
AFSA Hits the Congressional Caucus Circuit 56
On the Lighter Side: Vodka, Anyone? 56
Retirement Planning in Uncertain Times 57
New AFSA Governing Board Member 57
What Does the Foreign Service Do? 58
Lunch with 8th CA-LNA Class 59
AFSA Governing Board Meeting 59
Columns 7
President’s Views: Refining Our Message 7
Letter from the Editor: Welcoming Visitors, Building Bridges 8
Speaking Out: Proving Public Diplomacy Programs Work 19
Reflections: Would You Like a Cup of Tea? 105
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Letters 9
Talking Points 14
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