The Foreign Service Journal - December 2017

48 DECEMBER 2017 | THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL near Route 50—have been renovated and incorporated into the current training center. The National Foreign Affairs Training Center, the official name of the campus that now houses FSI, opened on Oct. 13, 1993. And at a May 29, 2002, ceremony, NFATC was renamed the George P. Shultz Center, in honor of the Secretary of State from 1982 to 1989, who was instrumental in its establishment. Though much has changed at FSI in its 70 years of operation, it has never lost sight of its core mission: to serve those who serve America around the world. But in its quest to make U.S. diplomats—and, by extension, our diplomacy—the very best they can be, there is really only one path to success. It requires continual experimentation and evolution, as well as the willing- ness to take risks and learn frommistakes, and to strive for improvement through innovation. Underpinning it all, FSI works to forge a strategic view of the future direction of the world and equip its students to navigate through it. If FSI’s first seven decades are any indication, it is up to the challenge. n Public speaking training underway at FSI during the 1950s. U.S.FOREIGNSERVICE INSTITUTE