The Foreign Service Journal - December 2017

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on How Diplomacy Works 22
The Making of an Effective Diplomat: A Global View 22
Diplomacy Works—First-Person Stories from the Field 30
FS Heritage 43
The Foreign Service Institute at 70: Recalling a Proud History 43
Education Supplement 64
Raising Multilingual Children in the Foreign Service 64
Schools at a Glance 78
Educational Preparedness: When an Evacuation Disrupts School 86
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Time to Ask Why 7
Letter from the Editor—Diplomacy Needs Diplomats 9
Speaking Out—Religious Diversity Benefits the State Department 19
Local Lens—Vienna, Austria 110
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 14
Marketplace 104
Classifieds 104
Real Estate 107
Index to Advertisers 109
AFSA News 49
AFSA and USAID Welcome Collaboration 49
Making the Case for the Foreign Service 49
State VP Voice—A Time for Kindness 50
USAID VP Voice—Talking About Communication Gaps 51
FAS VP Voice—The Demographic Crisis 52
FCS and DEC Focus on U.S. Growth at Home and Abroad 52
Where We Stand—Unpacking “Stewardship” 53
Sharing the Story of the Foreign Service with Lifelong Learners 54
Meet the AFSA Committee: Awards & Plaques 55
Retiree Corner—Keeping Your Eye on the Bottom Line 56
AFSA Welcomes 146th Specialist Class 57
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, October 2017 57
Book Notes: Global Adventures on Less-Traveled Roads 58
Russian Roundtable: FSOs Speak with AFSA about Their Sudden Exit 58
Essay Contest Highlights Importance of U.S. Global Leadership 59
Reigning Cats and Dogs in the Foreign Service 60