The Foreign Service Journal, December 2018

Cover 1
Contents 5
Cover Story: AFSA Annual Awards 2018 21
Working to Strengthen U.S. Diplomacy 21
Focus on FSN Perspectives 32
Through the Lens of an FSN: Foreign Service in Pictures 32
Advocating for Foreign Service Nationals 37
Get Ready for Merit-Based Compensation 42
In the Field with USAID FSNs 46
What Local Staff Want You to Know 53
Message from the Hill 10
Working Together for a Smart Foreign Policy 10
Education Supplement 95
Get a Head Start on the College Admissions Process 95
Schools At a Glance 108
Opportunities for Students 112
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Regaining Lost Ground 7
Letter from the Editor—It’s the People 9
Speaking Out—A Worldwide FSN Association at State: Advancing a Practical Dream 17
Reflections—Maps Are Useful, But Can Be Misleading 124
Local Lens—Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea 126
Departments 13
Talking Points 13
In Memory 90
Books 116
Marketplace 119
Classifieds 119
Real Estate 121
Index to Advertisers 123
AFSA News 69
AFSA Awards Honor Foreign Service Excellence 69
State VP Voice—Thanks to AFSA, Local Hires Win Big 72
AFSA Hosts TSP Seminar 72
FAS VP Voice—Overhauling Our Washington Assignment Process 73
PPI—Another Kind of Stewardship 74
Christian A. Herter Dissent Award: Thomas A. Shannon Jr. 75
F. Allen “Tex” Harris Dissent Award: Joseph S. Conners 76
William R. Rivkin Dissent Award: Roshni Mona Nirody 77
W. Averell Harriman Dissent Award: Elena C. Augustine 78
AFSA Achievement and Contributions to the Association Award: Patricia A. Butenis 79
Avis Bohlen Award: John Anderson Warner 80
M. Juanita Guess Award: Marisol Angela Garcia 81
Mark Palmer Award: David Bargueño 82
Mark Palmer Award: Kelly Anne Billingsley 83
Nelson B. Delavan Award: Margaret Kennett 84
Award Runners-Up 85
AFSA Welcomes Newest FS Members 86
Coming Soon: Call for Governing Board Nominations 87
Thank You to Our Awards Intern 87
Thank You to FAS VP Kim Sawatzki 87
Outreach—Virtual and in Person 88
Success in the Foreign Service: A Panel Discussion 88
AFSA Talks Economics on the Hill 89
Governing Board Meeting, October 17, 2018 89