The Foreign Service Journal, March 2021

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Notes to the New Administration 19
Changing a Risk-Averse Paradigm at High-Threat Posts Abroad 19
State’s Influence on Foreign Policy: Is This Really as Good as It Gets? 22
Public Diplomacy: Re-engaging the World 26
Notes to the New Administration 28
Feature 58
The Legacy of Jackie Robinson 58
FS Heritage 62
Like Father, Like Son: The Francis Ambassadorships 62
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—What We Need Now 7
Letter from the Editor—The Foreign Service Suggestion Box 9
Speaking Out—On State Reform 16
Off-Road with the Foreign Service—One Morning in Nuuk 66
Reflections—Diplomacy and Arms Reduction: A Personal Story 96
Local Lens—Yangon, Myanmar 98
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 12
In Memory 81
Books 88
Marketplace 91
Real Estate 91
Classifieds 94
Index to Advertisers 95
AFSA News 69
AFSA at Work Through the Pandemic 69
AFSA Meets with Secretary of State Blinken 69
State VP Voice—AFSA Needs a Second Full-Time Position at State 70
USAID VP Voice—A Clash of Bureaucracies 71
Retiree VP Voice—FSGB Appointments: Mike Pompeo’s Dereliction of Duty 72
AFSA Governing Board Meetings, Dec. 16, 2020, and Jan. 21, 2021 72
Where We Stand—Data-Driven Decisions in Foreign Policy 73
AFSA on the Hill—AFSA Advocacy: Year in Review 74
AFSA Treasurer’s 2020 Report 75
Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine 76
AFSA Partners with American Diplomat Podcast 78
AFSA High School Essay Contest 78
Apply for AFSA College Scholarships 79
Briana Odom Joins AFSA’s Labor Management Team 79
Carson Relitz Rocker Joins AFSA Governing Board 79
AFSA on Dissent 80