The Foreign Service Journal, March 2022

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Contents 5
Cover Story 25
Exploring the Secretary’s Modernization Agenda: A Q&A with Policy Planning Director Salman Ahmed 25
Focus on Afghanistan Evacuation 28
Operation Allies Refuge: The FS View from the Front Lines 28
An Afghan Interpreter’s Journey to the U.S. 56
Feature 61
Consular Skills Put to Use in Rural America 61
FS Know-How 64
Invest in the Next Generation: Ideas from the Entry-Level Group at Mission Pakistan 64
Summer Camp Supplement 76
From Refugee to Camper to Diplomat: Why Summer Camp for FS Kids 76
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Those Who Forget History… 7
Letter from the Editor—Evacuating and Resettling Afghan Allies 9
Speaking Out—Time to Bring Back Legations Headed by Diplomatic Agents? 22
Reflections—Winter in Kabul, 2005 96
Local Lens—Sighnaghi, Georgia 98
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Letters 10
Letters-Plus 13
Talking Points 15
In Memory 80
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Index to Advertisers 95
AFSA News 67
In-State College Tuition for FS Families 67
Payroll Problems: An Update 67
State VP Voice—Reforming the Assignments Process 68
USAID VP Voice—365 Days of Reality vs. “First 100 Days” Recommendations 69
AFSA on the Hill—Major Advocacy Milestones Achieved 70
Book Notes—Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service 71
Calling All FS Bloggers! 71
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, Dec. 8, 2021 71
Annenberg Award Honors Diplomats Who Helped Evacuate Allies from Afghanistan (2021) and Vietnam (1975) 72
AFSA Honors 2021 Sinclaire Language Award Recipients 73
AFSA High School Essay Contest 73
Apply for AFSA College Scholarships 73
AFSA Outreach: Looking Back and Planning Ahead 74
AFSA Webinar: Reviewing Your Retirement Plan 75