The Foreign Service Journal, June 2017

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Contents 5
Perspectives on Diplomacy and Defense 22
Special Operations and Diplomacy: A Unique Nexus 22
Working with the U.S. Military: Let’s Take Full Advantage of Opportunities 28
Killer Drones and the Militarization of U.S. Foreign Policy 33
Creeping Foreign Policy Militarization or Creeping State Department Irrelevance? 37
From the FSJ Archive: Defense and Security—Opposite Sides of the Same Coin 43
Education Supplement 58
New College, New Culture: Preparing for a Strong First Semester as a Third Culture Kid 58
Facts and Updates: Making Sense of the Department of State Education Allowance 74
Schools at a Glance 88
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—Getting Out in Front 7
Letter from the Editor—Where Diplomacy and Defense Meet 10
Speaking Out—The Golden Rule of Professionalism 19
Local Lens—Trondheim, Norway 110
Departments 11
Letters 11
Talking Points 14
Books 101
Marketplace 103
Classifieds 103
Real Estate 106
Index to Advertisers 109
AFSA News 46
AFSA Honors Foreign Service Colleagues 46
Moments of Silence Around the World 48
State VP Voice—On Launching a Rewarding Career 49
FCS VP Voice—Let’s Talk (Commercial) Dialogues 50
AFSA Congratulates Job Search Program Graduates 51
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, April 2017 51
Book Notes: The Dust of Kandahar 52
Friends and Family Honor Anne Smedinghoff’s Memory 52
Our Story Is Important—Keep Helping Us Tell It 54
AFSA and Smithsonian Associates Explore Middle East Complexities 56
Last Chance to Vote in the AFSA Election! 57