The Foreign Service Journal, July-August 2021

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Contents 5
Focus: Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion 23
Diversity and Inclusion in the U.S. Foreign Service: A Primer 23
Achieving Parity for Women in the Foreign Service 28
Asian Americans Can No Longer Be Silent, and Neither Should You 31
The Power of Vulnerability 34
Three Myths That Sustain Structural Racism at State 37
Rooting Out Microaggressions 40
How the Transition Center Expands Inclusion 44
Feature 47
State U—A Proposal for Professional Diplomatic Education and Outreach to America 47
Perspectives 7
President’s Views—A Governing Board Term Unlike Any Other 7
Letter from the Editor—Diversity Perspectives 9
Speaking Out—A U.S.-German Look at the Essentials for Modern Diplomacy 20
Reflections—Going to the Hadhramaut 88
Local Lens—Rome, Italy 90
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 14
In Memory 73
Books 77
Marketplace 81
Real Estate 81
Lodging 84
Classifieds 86
Index to Advertisers 87
AFSA News 51
Foreign Service Day Remembrances and Activities 51
State VP Voice—Should the Foreign Service Act of 1980 Be Overhauled? 52
USAID VP Voice—USAID and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 53
AFSA Retention Survey: A Look at Why Some Consider Leaving the Service 55
AFSA Retention, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recommendations 57
Foreign Service Retiree Groups Back in Action 58
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, May 19, 2021 58
Inside Diplomacy: A Look at the Arctic Region with U.S. Coordinator James DeHart 59
Book Notes: Tecumseh and the Prophet 59
2019-2021 AFSA Governing Board Term Report 61