The Foreign Service Journal, September 2009

AFSA Welcomes New Legislative Director Casey Frary, AFSA’s new legisla- tive director, arrives with a wealth of Hill experience. She has worked as a senior legislative assistant for Repre- sentatives Phil Hare, D-Ill., and Steve Kagen, D-Wis., and as a legislative correspondent and systems adminis- trator for Representative Jan Scha- kowsky, D-Ill. In addition, she was the campaign manager for Rep. Kagen’s successful re-election cam- paign in 2008. Originally from Rockford, Ill., and holding dual Irish- U.S. citizenship, Ms. Frary graduated fromMarquette University in 2004 with a degree in communications. Her hobbies include golf, music, rock climbing, travel and cheering for the Marquette basketball team. 56 F O R E I G N S E R V I C E J O U R N A L / S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 A F S A N E W S AFSA NEWS BRIEFS Staff: Executive Director Ian Houston: Business Department Controller Kalpna Srimal: Accounting Assistant Cory Nishi: Accounting and Administration Assistant Alicia Campi: Labor Management General Counsel Sharon Papp: Labor Management Attorney Zlatana Badrich: Labor Management Specialist James Yorke: Grievance Attorneys Neera Parikh: and Holly Rich: Office Manager Christine Warren: USAID Senior Labor Management Adviser Douglas Broome: Member Services Member Services Director Janet Hedrick: Member Services Representative Michael Laiacona: Web Site & Database Associate Geron Pleasant: Administrative Assistant Ana Lopez: Communications, Marketing and Outreach Retiree Liaison Bonnie Brown: Director of Communications Thomas Switzer: Legislative Director Casey Frary: Executive Assistant to the President Austin Tracy: Scholarship Director Lori Dec: Professional Issues Coordinator Barbara Berger: Elderhostel Administrator Bernard Alter: Marketing & Outreach Manager Asgeir Sigfusson: AFSA HEADQUARTERS: (202) 338-4045; Fax: (202) 338-6820 STATE DEPARTMENT AFSA OFFICE: (202) 647-8160; Fax: (202) 647-0265 USAID AFSA OFFICE: (202) 712-1941; Fax: (202) 216-3710 FCS AFSA OFFICE: (202) 482-9088; Fax: (202) 482-9087 AFSA WEB SITE: FSJ: PRESIDENT: STATE VP: RETIREE VP: USAID VP: FAS VP: FCS VP: AFSA News Editor Francesca Kelly : (202) 338-4045, ext. 516; Fax: (202) 338-6820 On the Web : and How to Contact Us: Governing Board: PRESIDENT: Susan R. Johnson STATE VP: Daniel Hirsch USAID VP: Francisco Zamora FAS VP: Henry Schmick FCS VP: Keith Curtis RETIREE VP: Robert Houdek SECRETARY: F.A. “Tex” Harris TREASURER: Andrew Winter STATE REPS: Carleton Bulkin, Jorge Delfin, Mary Glantz, Les Hickman, Joyce Namde, Julia Stewart, Mike Unglesbee, Sharon White, Teresa Yata USAID REP: Michael Henning FCS REP: Rebecca Balogh FAS REP: Melinda Sallyards IBB REP: Al Pessin RETIREE REPS: Janice Bay, Robert (Bill) Farrand, David Passage, Molly Williamson AFSA Scores Legal Victory on Behalf of Senior FSOs In an unequivocal, strongly worded decision, the Foreign Service Grievance Board has determined that the director general of the Foreign Service was in error in denying a large number of Senior Foreign Service employees considera- tion for senior performance pay in 2007. The board has ordered the depart- ment to undertake a review of the files of all those affected and to set up a reconstituted SFS Performance Pay Board within 60 days, using the same stan- dards as would have applied in 2007. This important determination is a firm rebuke to recent decision-making at the department. It means that, based on the statistical average, some 60 per- cent of the affected group should be getting the performance-pay salary in- crease; a smaller percentage might also be eligible for lump-sum performance pay bonuses. For those who get the salary adjustment, it will be paid retroac- tively to cover the past two years. The basis for the Grievance Board’s decision is applica- ble to those Senior Foreign Service employees who were not considered for senior perform- ance pay in 2008. AFSA therefore expects the department to hold reconstituted promotion boards for this group of employees, as well. The State Department has six months to ap- peal the board’s decision, but is not expected to do so. “Given the strength of the grievants’ case and the soundness of the board’s deci- sion,” explains AFSA General Counsel Sharon Papp, who represented the grievants, “we would be surprised if the government agrees to appeal the case.” For more information, take a look at the FSGB Web site at and reference the Record of Proceedings number, which is FSGB Case No. 2008-040. AFSA Makes Internal Staff Changes AFSA has made some internal changes designed to optimize operations. AFSA staff members Barbara Berger, Tom Switzer and Asgeir Sigfusson have linked into a new team structure called Communications, Market- ing and Outreach. “AFSA is placing greater emphasis on forging deeper links with the private sector, public policy decision-makers and the media, and this team was created to advance these goals,” says Executive Director Ian Houston. Additionally, Alicia Campi, previously of the FSJ staff, has joined the ac- counting department to enhance this critical AFSA function.