The Foreign Service Journal, September 2009

Cover I
Contents 3
Focus on Diplomats in Conflict Zones 21
The Diplomat as Counterinsurgent 21
Interagency Cooperation: The JIATF in Iraq 28
From Pinstripes to Khaki: Governance Under Fire 35
Features 40
Sam Nunn: National Security Visionary 40
Using Cloud Computing to Close the Development Gap 47
AFSA News 55
AFSA Dissent and Performance Award Ceremony 55
New Governing Board Takes Office 55
News Briefs 56
VP State—Toward a More Perfect Union 57
VP USAID—A Rudderless Ship 58
VP Retiree—Our Stake in AFSA 59
VP FCS—Budgets, Elections & the Rumor Mill 60
VP FAS—Mission Cleavage 61
Open House Marks Reopening of HQ 64
AFSA Honors Writing Award Winner 64
Foreign Service Legislative Successes 65
Classifieds 69
Departments 5
President’s Views—Challenges and Opportunities 5
Speaking Out—Strengthen the Process for Middle East Diplomacy 15
FS Know-How—‘Virtually’ There: FS Spouses Build Careers Without Borders 18
Reflections—The Spirituality of Living Abroad 80
Letters 7
Cybernotes 11
Marketplace 13
Books 51
In Memory 71
Index to Advertisers 78