The Foreign Service Journal, November 2011

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Cover Story 21
A Midterm Management Assessment of Sec. Clinton 21
Special Feature: Editor Steve Honley’s Classic Picks from the FSJ’s Past 10 Years 30
Editor’s Intro: A Mini-Journal 30
Speaking Out—Leadership at State: A Work in Progress 32
FS Know-How—Helping a Colleague Cope with the Death of a Loved One 34
Cover Story—The U.S. and Islam in the Modern World 36
Feature—Human Rights Report for the Hun Empire, A.D. 451 43
FS Heritage—Rebel Raider As Diplomat: John Mosby in China 47
FS Fiction—Nita and the First Noble Eightfold Path 53
Books 58
Reflections—Balkan Babas 59
AFSA News 65
Keeping It Honest, Keeping It Real: Call for Dissent and Performance Award Nominations 65
The Chautaqua Institution: An AFSA Partner for 15 Years 65
News Briefs 66
VP State—It’s All About Communication and Negotiation 67
VP USAID—The New Labor-Management Forum Executive Order 68
November Book Notes: Kalb & Kalb 68
Diplomacy After 9/11: Kojo Nnamdi Radio Show Features AFSA 69
On the Road with Inside a U.S. Embassy 70
September Book Notes: Farishta 71
Win AFSA’s Essay Contest and Sail Around the World! 73
New Governing Board Holds Planning Retreat 73
Transition Center Schedule 74
Classifieds 75
Departments 5
President’s Views—AFSA Board Launches Strategic Planning Effort 5
Speaking Out—Why the Foreign Service Should Be More Like the Army 15
FS Know-How—Coping with High-Stress Posts 18
Reflections—The Bright Lights of Hefei 80
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