The Foreign Service Journal, April 2018

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on the Journal’s Centennial Year 22
A Century of Journals 22
The Journal in Transition—The 1980s 34
Now It Can Be Told 42
The Journal Through Time 50
Message from the Hill 13
Standing Up for Diplomacy 13
Feature 68
My Kingdom for a Door: When Multitasking Goes Awry 68
Perspectives 7
President's Views—Pulling America’s Diplomats from the Field 7
Letter from the Editor—Launching the FSJ Centennial 9
Speaking Out—Respect, Trust and Partnership: Keeping Diplomacy on Course in Troubling Times 19
Family Member Matters—International Day: The American Problem 87
Reflections—Those Unlikely Foreign Service Friendships 97
Local Lens—Hpa-An, Myanmar 98
Departments 10
Letters 10
Talking Points 15
Books 88
Marketplace 91
Classifieds 91
Real Estate 93
Index to Advertisers 96
AFSA News 73
AFSA President Asks Retirees to Speak Up for the Foreign Service 73
State VP Voice—You Called? 74
FCS VP Voice—Commercial Service Promotes Economic Security 75
AFSA at HBCU Conference 75
Retiree VP Voice—Continuing the Journey 76
AFSA Adds Two Names to Memorial Wall 76
AFSA On the Hill—The Ongoing Battle of the Budget 77
Tax Tune-Up: What’s New in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 78
AFSA Meets with Global Ties Participants 82
AFSA Seeks Award Nominations 83
Department Appeals 2014 MSI Case 84
Administrative Leave Policy 84
Work Year: Did You Know? 84
AFSA Seminar: Retirement Planning Made Easy(er) 85
AFSA Welcomes 15th Consular Fellows Class 85
AFSA Governing Board Meeting, February 21 86
USAID Vice President Retires 86