The Foreign Service Journal, June 2016

Cover 1
Contents 5
Focus on Corruption and Foreign Policy 20
Corruption: A 21st-Century Security Challenge 20
A U.S. Policy Priority: Combating Corruption 24
Countering Corruption Regionally: The “EUR” Initiative 28
The FCPA and the Rule of Law Abroad 32
Foreign Policy and the Complexities of Corruption: The Case of South Vietnam 35
Features 38
Diplomatic History Lessons: A Model of Government Transparency 38
A Foreign Service Menagerie 42
Mental Health Support for Foreign Service Children: Parents Weigh In 46
Education Supplement 62
The College Application Game: Do’s and Don’ts 62
Schools at a Glance 76
Applying to Boarding School: Lessons Learned 82
All Girls, All Boys, All Good—The Benefits of Single-Sex Education 92
AFSA News 51
AFSA Memorial Plaque Honors Fallen Colleagues 51
VP Voice State – Ignorance of the Law Is Not an Excuse 52
VP Voice FCS – Countering Corruption 53
New Financial Aid Scholarship Established 53
VP Voice Retiree – The Washington Conceit 54
AFSA Governing Board Change 54
Governing Board Meeting Minutes 55
Foreign Service Day Reception 55
AFSA Participates in Santa Fe World Affairs Forum 57
AFSA Wins MSI Dispute 58
Thank You, Wisconsin! 58
Careers in International Relations for Women 59
AFSA Welcomes New Staff 60
2016 Summer Interns Arrive 60
AFSA Sponsors Intern at State 61
Columns 7
President’s Views: Regaining the Moral High Ground 7
Letter from the Editor: A Heightened Focus on Corruption 8
Speaking Out: Supporting FS Families with Special Needs Children 17
Departments 9
Letters 9
Talking Points 12
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Local Lens 110
Marketplace 103
Classifieds 103
Real Estate 106
Index to Advertisers 109