DACOR: Recollections of a Russian Refugee During the Rise of Hitler and World War II

Start Date/Time: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 12:00
End Date/Time: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 14:00

In his memoir Lenin, Hitler, and Me, Boris Kochanowsky describes his life as a student and early career in Germany. His success, despite the privations of the German depression, is abruptly brought to an end when the Gestapo denounces him. After several attempts, he finally escapes and begins a five-year flight across western Europe. His daughter, Vera Kochanowsky, will read excerpts and speak about her father's experiences. Born in Siberia, Mr. Kochanowsky left Russia in 1922 to study at the Freiberg School of Mines. He held various posts in Germany after graduation, including advisor to the chief minister of mines under Hitler. Suddenly condemned as a Jew, he spent months trying to escape, ultimately crossing the Siegfried Line. After almost five years on the run, he reached Switzerland in 1943 with the help of the French Resistance. This event costs $25 and includes lunch.