Health Benefits Plan Guide

Employees transferring between overseas and domestic posts are eligible to change their health plans. If they chose to do so, the election must be made within 31 days before leaving the old post and 60 days after arriving at a new post.

If you are due to transfer, you might save hundreds of dollars next year if you take a few minutes now to review your current health insurance plan. While there are scores of plans available, the vast majority of Foreign Service employees are signed up for either the Foreign Service Benefit Plan (administered by the American Foreign Service Protective Association/AFSPA, not AFSA) or BlueCross/BlueShield.

More Information

  • For full brochures and other info, see your Administrative or Executive office or access them online at
  • For the Foreign Service Benefit Plan, see (or, Foreign Service Benefit Plan, 1716 N St NW, Washington, DC 20036-2902, tel: (202) 833-4910; fax: (202) 883-4918.
  • For BlueCross/BlueShield, see, BCBSNCA, FEP Overseas Claims, 550 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20065, tel: (804) 673-1678.